Pushing Boundaries

Avenir has a long track record of identifying value-based and untapped opportunities early in emerging regions and has been committed to building enduring relationships with our investors, operators, and advisors to seek out those opportunities. Our seasoned senior professionals and resilient structure enables an array of strategies to drive our enterprise value. 

Global Executed Transactions

Hudson Yards, New York

Avenir principals involved in early transaction structuring of the largest urban development in New York since Rockefeller Center.

1 Vanderbilt, New York

Avenir principals involved in the opening and development of One Vanderbilt Avenue, NYC's fourth-tallest building and home to leading industry tenants.

Waldorf Astoria, New York

Avenir principals involved in the 1.95B USD purchase of the famed Waldorf Astoria NY, the largest hotel acquisition in the world.

Aman, New York

Avenir principals involved in early acquisition lead of the Aman NY Hotel and Residences, an architectural icon conversion into ultra-luxury hospitality.

Big Dig, Boston MA

Avenir principals retained in the development of the Big Dig tunnel project, a 1.3B USD civil engineering megaproject.

Amazon, USA

Avenir principals exclusively retained to advise identification of mission-critical logistics and e-commerce industrial real estate assets across the U.S.

Medical Offices, USA

Avenir principals involved in the recapitalization of and fundraising for state of the art medical offices and outpatient healthcare facilities.

MGH, Boston MA

Avenir principals involved in the financial restructuring and transactions of Massachusetts General Hospital, the #1 research hospital in the U.S.

Hana Real Estate, Japan

Avenir principals involved in various property transactions and investments in Japan's most desirable and popular locations.

HSBC, London UK

Avenir principals involved in development and transaction structuring of the HSBC Tower, the global headquarters of the HSBC Group.

Wind Energy

Avenir principals oversee renewable energy investments from sourcing and acquisition through the value creation phase, including wind turbines.


Avenir principals are highly involved in the aviation sector, including acquisition and development mandates globally.

Water Dam

Avenir principals actively invest in dam expansion and construction infrastructure projects, supporting sustainable energy efforts.

Global Towers

Avenir principals regularly lead development, build-out, construction, and operation of communication towers globally, enabling 5G wireless networks.

Global Supply Chain

Avenir principals are presently involved in numerous capital expenditure efforts in relation to supply chain strengthening and adjacent technology investments.

International Reach