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Building Connections

Avenir is highly skilled in identifying and pursuing economic clusters, networks of key companies, institutions, and suppliers, that are based on a region’s unique assets in order to promote regional and socioeconomic growth. By establishing a fine-tuned and cooperative network of private, public, and civil organizations, Avenir’s clients, including governmental agencies, become global competitors highly skilled in capitalizing on their surrounding economic advantages. In doing so, these entities see achievements of reduced business entrance barriers and transaction costs, local industry expansion, social capital creation, increased innovation, and reputable market demand efficiency.

Acting as an engine to global agencies, we are able to pursue existing or develop new economic clusters in strategic sectors and specialize in strategic management, investor attraction and engagement, business evaluation, optimization planning, data analytics, and procedural and transaction execution. Avenir’s global resources and deep industry insight have allowed us to generate the participation of key manufacturing, operating, logistics, ICT, financial services, and MNC entities in the catalysis of such economic cluster initiatives. Our seasoned team has decades of experience leveraging their knowledge in developing and leading these progressive initiatives.